MSF Delivers Results in Myanmar

Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF), the non-profit that I’m supporting with this blog series, posted their latest update on the great work they’ve done in Myanmar a few weeks ago (sorry for my lateness on this one). In addition to an in-depth report on the help MSF is providing with mental health and other medical issues in the devastated Irrawaddy Delta, MSF also cites some very impressive stats:

MSF Assistance to Cyclone Survivors To Date
Food Aid

* 5,826,156 lbs. of rice
* 1,362,320 lbs.of beans
* 202,390 ltrs. of oil
* 151,302 packages of Plumpy’nut (a nutrient-rich ready-to-eat food for malnourished children)
* 216,679 lbs.of salt
* 64,111 packets of high-energy biscuits (for patients who are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment)
* 50,159 lbs. of fish

Relief Items

* 186,611 rolls of plastic sheeting
* 183,196 mosquito nets
* 131,125 water containers
* 63,560 wool blankets
* 19,717 hygiene kits
* 10,865 bars of soap
* 2 water treatment units

Yes, you’re reading correctly, that’s over 7,000,000 pounds of rice and beans delivered to date. In comparison, the US Department of Defense delivered 10,000,000 pounds of “food and supplies” during the 2005 Tsunamai according to

All of the work MSF has done is truly amazing, but with an estimated 2.4 million people in need of food and shelter in the wake of the disaster, there is still a great need for more resources. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to help. While I’ve set the bar high with a $5,000 goal, I’m proud to report that you’ve almost doubled my initial donation of $500, which is absolutely fantastic. For those who haven’t donated yet, please take the time and donate today. As little as $25 can make a real difference.